Do you live in California? When there’s an earthquake, how much time do you have to escape? 5 minutes? 1 minute? 30 seconds? 20 seconds?

Sounds like a mission impossible to me! So to make this mission possible, we, at KCAL, organized an emergency, life-saving, earthquake kit with a list of ten of the most essential items. Get your earthquake kit ready today!


1. 3-10 day water supply

One gallon per person, per day (3-day supply for evacuation, 2-week supply for home)

2. 3-10 day food supply

Non-perishable and easy-to-prepare items. Don’t forget to prepare food for kids and the elders (3-day supply for evacuation, 2-week supply for home).

3. First aid kit

Available in any retail store, supermarket or pharmacy.

4. Hand-crank flashlights

In the event of an emergency, power will be out and batteries will be unavailable. A hand-crank flashlight should be equipped in the kit.

5. Battery-powered or hand-crank radios

Radios can help you get the information of the emergency situation. If you use a battery operated radio, don’t forget to prepare extra batteries. Do not rely on your cellphone that needs power and signal.

6. Medication

Prescription drugs or non-prescription drugs that can be used long-term such as Aspirin, Antidiarrheal, Laxative, antacid, etc. Check the expiration date before you pack them.

7. Extra cash and personal documents

Some banknotes and coins. Proof of address, deed/lease to home, passport, birth certificates, and insurance policies should be prepared as well. Keep them in a waterproof zipper bag.

8. Extra clothing, hat, and sturdy shoes

Warm clothing and sturdy shoes. Most emergency kits should be equipped with a thermal item—a space blanket. This blanket is a low-weight, low bulk blanket made of heat-reflective, thin, plastic sheeting. The metallic surface flashes in the sun which allows searchers to find you more easily.

9. Multi-purpose tool

Manual can opener, self-sealing bags, whistles, a wrench (used to turn off gas and water), fire extinguisher, gloves, etc.

10. Sanitation and personal hygiene items

Sanitizers, tissue, wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste, feminine items, etc.

These are just the general items, so you may want to personalize it based on your needs. For example, if you have a child, you might want to pack some toys. If you have a pet, you may want to prepare a kit for them too. Just remember that an emergency earthquake kit should be light and easy to carry, so pack light!