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Annuity and Retirement Plan

Recent advancements in medical technology have created the possibility for a longer human life span. However, research shows that 60% of retired families in the U.S. have retirement savings of less than $50,000, and out of that 60%, a majority of them don’t even have a savings plan. In a high inflation and low interest rate environment like ours, it’s important to start thinking about retirement plans now and to start planning your retirement!

Our Products

IRA (Individual Retirement Account) is a popular financial investment tool that helps save money for retirement with many tax advantages. KCAL provides a variety of annuity products and retirement saving plans to best fit your needs and current financial situation.

Traditional IRA | Roth IRA | Non-Qualified Plan | Simple IRA | SEP IRA | Rollover 401K

Why Open an IRA with Us?

KCAL Insurance Agency offers annuity products and retirement saving plans from A-rated insurance companies. Enjoy the advantages of low initial investment, zero account fees, high interest rates and guaranteed investment when investing through an insurance company—some things you can’t get when investing through a bank or investment company!

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