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Commercial Insurance

At KCAL Insurance, we understand the tough challenges you face every day as a business owner. No matter which industry you are in, there are inherent risks involved in the nature of business, and at times, the losses can be catastrophic. Insurance coverage can help mitigate these losses and provide a buffer for financial disaster.

Our Products

Different industries have very unique risk exposures and therefore your business needs customized commercial insurance policies. From basic coverage to specialized protection, you can always get the right coverage for your business at KCAL Insurance.
Workers' Compensation

Under California law, all employers are required to provide workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. In the event of a work-related injury or illness, the policy will cover all approved medical costs, temporary and permanent disability payments and death compensation. It also covers additional expenses and legal costs in situations of potential employer negligence and occupational injury lawsuits.

General Liability Insurance

General liability insurance protects your company from a variety of claims, such as bodily injuries, property damage, and others that can arise from your business operation. It will cover the legal costs if a lawsuit is filed.

Product Liability Insurance

Whether you are a manufacturer, an importer or a wholesaler, your business is exposed to a product liability risks. Product liability insurance covers the damages from a lawsuit along with the defense cost or settlements in some cases.

Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI)

EPLI helps protect your business against employment-related claims and provides funds to handle defense and settle lawsuits. The most frequent types of claims covered under EPLI include wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment and retaliation.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance protects your business from unpaid invoices and builds a safer accounts receivable management. It not only covers the losses from your buyer caused by insolvency (bankruptcy) or slow payment, but also improves your confidence and ability to extend credit limits, expand into new markets and grow profitability.

Ocean Marine/Inland Marine Insurance

Ocean marine/inland marine insurance covers an array of loss exposures during imports, exports and domestic shipments. The coverage addresses goods shipped by most types of transportation (vessels, planes, truck and trains) and includes all intermediate transit and warehouse storage.

Course of Construction (COC)

COC provides property and liability coverage for buildings that are in the processes of being built. It can cover the building structure and the materials on site or in transit to the job site.

Special Event Insurance

Special event insurance provides short term general liability coverage for vendors, exhibits or organizers of an event, such as a trade show, a company retreat or a wedding. It is usually required by venue owners.

Business Owner Policy (BOP)

A business owners’ policy, also known as BOP insurance, combines property insurance, liability insurance, and additional protection all in one policy. It’s smart, convenient and saves you money.

Commercial Property Insurance
Commercial property insurance protects your business from a majority of risks, such as fire, wind, theft and vandalism. It provides a wide range of coverage including equipment, inventory, buildings and income losses from business interruption.
Commercial Auto Insurance

Commercial auto insurance protects vehicles for business use such as transporting goods or people for a fee. It also protects vehicles operated by employees who perform deliveries, run business errands or make sales visits. Whether the title is under a business or personal name, commercial auto insurance is needed for your business to reduce any liability risk.

Errors Omissions/Professional Liability (E&O)
E&O insurance protects your business from claims of negligence or failing to perform your professional duties. It’s commonly associated with professionals such as doctors, lawyers, architects, real estate brokers and CPAs. Generally, such policies are designed to cover financial losses rather than liability or bodily injury (BI) and property damage (PD).
Cyber Liability

Cyber liability insurance provides protection in the event of unauthorized access to a company’s computer system. It covers the losses from business interruption and the costs arising from notifying a data breach, repairing damaged computer systems, credit monitoring, restoring your business reputation and more.

Umbrella/Excess Liability

Umbrella liability insurance protects you when accidents happen and your existing liability insurance policy cannot cover all the expenses. For example, you currently have a general liability policy of $1 million coverage and also an umbrella policy of $1 million coverage. If you are successfully sued for $1.8 million, your general liability policy will firstly pay $1 million and then your business umbrella insurance coverage can pay the outstanding $800,000 − which is a lot less painful than having it come out of your business profits.

Earthquake Insurance
California is a state with severe earthquake hazards, and earthquake coverage is a common exclusion in standard commercial property insurance in California. Therefore, a separate earthquake insurance policy is needed to protect your business property against possible damages caused by an earthquake.

Our Services

At KCAL Insurance, businesses are assigned to a designated account manager along with a team of licensed and experienced agents that manages your account. We strive to provide the most professional and knowledgeable approach when it comes to coverage that your business needs. For our valued commercial customers, you have free access to:

Risk Mitigation and Loss Control Management | Coverage Analysis and Annual Reshop | Preliminary Claim Support and Follow-up | Certificate Issuance

Free Employment and Business Law Consultation | Free Labor Law Poster and Annual Renew | Free Sexual Harassment Prevention Training and Certificate | Workers Compensation Annual Audit Assessment and Audit Dispute

Annual Labor Law and Tax Law Seminar for Business Owners | Business Owners’ Workshop Series

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KCAL Insurance Agency works with multiple A-rated insurance carriers to meet your diverse needs with the best pricing and coverage options. Being honored with VIP Agency gives us exclusive access with many carriers, allowing us to provide our customers with the most responsive and reliable service.