Health care in the United States is pretty complex—especially to those from a select few Asian countries. In countries such as China, Taiwan, and more, the health care system is much simpler. The process of making an appointment, getting medication, visiting a doctor is easier and less complicated in those countries.

In the U.S., each health insurance plan is only applicable to a specific doctor and medical network. Going to a doctor outside of your medical network or finding out that your preferred family doctor does not accept your insurance can become very costly. If you and your family often have problems with health insurance, Kaiser Permanente might be the best option!


Kaiser is the nation’s largest medical institution, with branches covering 17 states, nearly 10 million members nationwide, combining health insurance and medical services all in one. Obama had even stated before that if all hospitals and medical institutions were like Kaiser, then the premiums wouldn’t be as big a problem as they are today.

In Southern California, Kaiser is well known for its services in serving Chinese immigrants. The following are the five major advantages of Kaiser:


Speak Chinese? No problem!

When going to the doctor, many Chinese people worry about the language barrier. When it comes to Kaiser, this will be the least of your worries. In California, Kaiser has more than 400 Chinese-speaking doctors as well as Chinese-speaking nurses who can translate and help with any services the patients might need.

No referrals, no limitations, more options!

Typical health insurance plans provide a list of medical networks and doctors that you can choose from. However, Kaiser has its own contract. The biggest advantage to this is that you won’t have to worry about referrals when you want to see a specialist. Because of that, you save a lot of time and avoid a lot of billing issues.

In Southern California alone, Kaiser has more than 200 clinics and hospitals and more than 6,000 medical professionals that have graduated from the top ten medical schools. This means that there is an average of one Kaiser medical institution every five miles. Kaiser is also the only health care institution that has received five-star ratings in hospital safety.

Get all your medical services done in one place

Doctor visits, examinations, medication, surgery, can all be completed in a Kaiser hospital. How convenient is that?! Basic care, emergency care, inpatient/outpatient care, first aid, and more than 40 specialist services including cancer care programs, maternity care, child health care, cardiovascular neuropathy, bone marrow transplants, mammograms, and more can be done all in one place.

Same day service—who knew going to the doctor could be so convenient?

Kaiser offers 24/7 online medical help, emergency medical services, and pharmacies for Kaiser members to seek professional medical advice on their cell phones and the Internet. This also allows members to gain direct access to the emergency medical center or receive same day service on the day you make the appointment.

The Kaiser app also allows members to make appointments, check appointments, renew prescriptions, contact doctors, and check personal medical records.

No Social Security Number (SSN)? Waiting for immigration status? You can still apply! 

Those without SSN cannot buy regular health insurance. Basic travel insurance does not cover the necessary medical needs such as those who have diabetes, high blood pressure, other existing conditions, or if you are pregnant. If this is you, then don’t worry! Kaiser has a plan for you.

At KCAL Insurance Agency, we would like to remind everyone that Kaiser’s Bronze plan is particularly cheap this year, even with its first class, high quality service. The health insurance Open Enrollment period for 2017 ends on January 31, so if you want to change your health plan, feel free to contact us and talk to a certified agent at 626-333-1111.