Familiar with the #MeToo movement? With the recent sexual assault cases, there has finally been more attention directed towards sexual assault, and more and more individuals have been joining the movement to support survivors and end sexual violence. April also happens to be Sexual Assault Awareness Month so embrace your voice and support the survivors!

Sexual assault has been a recurring issue in society—it can take many forms and defined in many ways, whether it occurs in intimate relationships, in public, or even in the workplace. Sexual assault involves any non-consensual sexual act including when the victim lacks capacity to consent. In this day and age, offenders get away with it way too easily and that is NOT okay. The victim may be afraid of speaking out because they’re afraid of what may happen, which results in them staying silent. Reasons like these are why sexual violence thrives, which is also why it’s important to not be oblivious to these topics and to provide a window for those to share their voice.

This issue has gotten so out of hand that even big name directors, movie stars, politicians, former national team doctors and physicians, and many more celebrities have been called out for sexually assaulting women—even President Trump. At least 20 women have accused President Trump of sexual assault.

Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

Have you ever told someone you thought they were pretty at work? Have you ever complimented someone on how handsome they looked that day? To you, complimenting someone may be considered harmless. To someone else, they may see it as sexual harassment. With that being said, it’s very important to be cautious of what you are saying to your colleagues and what kind of actions you’re taking at work.

To help employers and supervisors stay aware of what’s right versus what’s wrong in the workplace, KCAL is collaborating with a well-known attorney at law to host a free sexual harassment prevention training on the afternoon of April 24. This training will be around 2-3 hours long and will be conducted in English.

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It’s the Law!

Under California state law, all supervisory employees in companies with 50 or more employees are required to partake in a sexual harassment training and renew their certification every two years.

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