Recently, there have been news of several vacant homes who have been victims of burglary in San Marino. What’s worse than getting your precious belongings stolen?

A couple had gotten back home from a long vacation and found a man asleep in their house!

Another lady told us her story about how a homeowner asked their housekeeper and gardener to keep an eye on their house while they were away, but they turned out to be accomplices of the burglary.

Watch out! If you have homes on sale or are planning on going on a trip for more than a month, here are a few suggestions you can take to protect your home.


1. Free Vacation Checks!

Ever heard that individuals in the Chinese community like buying luxury brands and keeping money in their houses? Yup! It’s not old news. Because many people know about this, there has been a series of robberies and burglaries targeting the Chinese community.  Whenever the home is empty, the property is at a higher risk for damage. Have you done anything to protect your homes? Well, in the future, whenever you are going on vacation, notify the local police to sign up for a vacation check. Trained volunteers or police officers will perform a thorough check of your property daily. If you live in City of Industry, you can call 626-330-3322 to sign up for this program. For residents in other cities, please check the official website of LA County Sheriff’s Department.

2. Insurance Company Denied My Claim Because I Vacated My Home? 

A homeowner’s policy typically covers the loss caused by fire or theft. However, if your house has been vacant for more than a certain number of days and incidents occur, the insurance provider has the right to deny your claim. Each insurance company has their own definition and regulations for vacant homes, and some companies deny your claim if your house is empty for more than 30 days.

3. Invest in High-Tech Security System if You Can! 

When you are away from home, asking your friend or neighbor to keep an eye on your house is the simplest and most traditional way. However, high technology security systems have become pretty popular. Spend a few Benjamins, and you can monitor every corner of your home from the surveillance camera on your phone. Once the camera sensors any suspicious motion, it will send a notification to your phone. Some systems can even be linked with the local police station.