When you are traveling, are you the type who just packs their bags and goes? Or do you plan it all out? Maybe you let your family or a tour agency plan it all out for you! What’s cool is that the person you are when you’re traveling shows a side about you that you might not have known! Let the travel unravel!


1) The Tourist: Gemini / Libra / Capricorn

Geminis enjoy places that are lively and full of energy. They like going to places they’ve never been before. Everything included in a tour satisfies their needs so they can relax and feel safe because they trust the tour. But, be careful! Once they feel secure, they might be a little out of control. They might disappear out of nowhere or even ask random questions on the tour! Keep a lookout!

Hmm… here or there? This or that? Libras would also rather go on a tour because they can never decide what they want. They might also be a little bit lazy, so if a tour agency handles everything, then everything is much easier and they feel much more relaxed. The places are set and the hotels are booked, simplifying their lives with no decisions to make and no planning to plan. Since they are naïve and simple-minded, they are always lured in by the tour’s advertisements and say yes without a second thought!

You might be surprised to see Capricorns on a tour because they like making their own decisions! However, they are more likely to hand their trip off to someone who is a professional because they are just that practical. Capricorns are known as a bit of a workaholic, so when they get the chance to learn, have fun, and travel all at the same time while they’re on a tour, there’s nothing better than that! Whenever you hear that your Capricorn friend is going on vacation, you’re probably going to find them in a group picture on a campus tour or some kind of educational tour.

When deciding the right tour to travel with, don’t choose it just because it is cheap! You have to make sure the schedule is reasonable and that there is a good amount of time for each attraction and activity. They might have additional fees so watch out for those! Make sure that they include the right travel insurance and that they don’t cover less than they should!

2) The Backpacker: Aries / Scorpio / Sagittarius

Aries have many qualities of a backpacker, one of which includes how independent they are. Their adventurous spirit and determination allows them to be the flexible type where once they decide that they want to travel, out they go! They just grab their bags and go! This also means that they might not have the patience to make plans, which might lead them to make some “unforgettable” memories…

Scorpios are mysterious… what are they thinking about? I want to know! When they travel, their goal is to pursue a peace of mind. But of course, the destination is often somewhere unique, somewhere that fully projects their taste. You will probably spot one of their tents in the Himalayas or Turkey… wow, fancy aren’t they!

Sagittarius love excitement and are always so warm, cheerful, and outgoing, and the point of traveling is to have fun! Living in a stranger’s house and participating in local activities are things that pump them up, making them super happy! If you ever need to calm them down, take them to a historical site.

Backpackers are full of chill vibes, but it also means that their chances of getting into accidents are very high! Aries are always down and Sagittarius love finding excitement in their lives, so just remember to buy travel insurance before you head out! You won’t want to let your loved ones have to worry about you!

3) The Planner: Taurus / Virgo / Leo

Planning a trip is one of the Taurus’ favorite parts of traveling! Because they are always budgeting and are good with money, they can control however much they want to spend, saving enough money to buy whatever they want to buy! You might even see them trying to bargain with a local. The more money they can save, the better! When making travel plans, the best thing is that they have an incredible eye for food so traveling with them means delicious food!

If you want to go out with a Virgo, you can trust them with all the planning! As a somewhat insecure perfectionist, they will carefully plan out the itinerary making sure every single detail is how it should be. Before even leaving for the trip, they have already planned out what souvenirs they want to bring back home!

When it comes to a Leo’s turn to plan a trip, their approach is to list all the places and times of where and when they want to go, research information on hotels and tickets, and that’s it! You might be thinking, wait what? They didn’t book anything. That’s right; they’ll leave it to you. Things like booking the hotel and the airplane tickets, getting enough cash for everyone—those are all up to you! They are considerate and constantly trying to make everyone happy because they don’t want to “lose face”. If they do anything amazing, don’t forget to compliment them!

People who like planning trips already have their own ideas of everything they want to do—the places they want to visit, the transportation, the hotels, etc. They might have a little bit of OCD, making sure everything is done a certain way, but that means that they will have travel insurance ready. No need to worry about any delays and lost baggage. With that set, you know you’ll have the perfect trip!

4) The Follower: Pisces / Cancer / Aquarius

For Pisces, traveling is romantic, so they will pull out their biggest puppy eyes telling you where they really want to go. But once they have to plan the trip… forget it! When they’re traveling with their partners, they might try to help by taking a look at the itinerary. Since it’s with their lover, they are more willing to help. However, if they’re traveling with friends, they have less interest, so make sure you look after them so they don’t get lost!

The reason Cancers love to travel is because they get to travel with others! When they’re with the right people, they don’t mind where they go and what they do. They take countless pictures here and there for memories to look back on and would be more than happy to take pictures for you! But remember to stop at some shops so they can buy souvenirs, but most importantly, don’t let them be away from home for too long or else they might get homesick! It takes them a while to adapt to a new place!

Aquarius have unusual ways of thinking, the things they do and like might be different from others, so they let others plan. They care more about their friends and family, so they are always going on trips with them. It doesn’t matter where they go, it’s the fact that they get to spend time with them. What the Aquarius does best is that even when they follow along with others, because they are so spontaneous, they can still discover beautiful sights or do things that amaze people, surprising all their fellow travel buddies!

Pisces are dependent and Cancers love being at home, so traveling can be a very difficult thing for them. And because Aquarius are always okay with everything, it is really easy for them to get food poisoning or get hurt in an accident. So before traveling with these people and before buying travel insurance, make sure medical expenses are covered just in case anything happens!

Travel insurance premiums are based on the number of days you travel abroad, your age, and deductibles. Compared to the price of an airplane ticket, the price of travel insurance is very cheap! Different insurance companies sell different insurance products, varying in coverage and benefits. Make sure you’re paying attention to what you’re buying!

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