The healthcare system in the U.S. is so complicated. There are four metal categories and each category has different plans. Oh! And tons of insurance companies you can choose from as well. Why don’t we pick the plan based on how the 12 horoscopes react when they’re sick?


Aries / Scorpios / Capricorns: PPO

Aries don’t like to wait; they only see a doctor when they can’t take it anymore and hope to get better immediately. If they feel that they’re not cured, they will look for different doctors until they’ve found the “wonder drug”. Because Aries don’t like going to the doctors and get impatient waiting for referrals, the Silver PPO plan will be suitable.

Scorpios often suspect that they are sick but they refuse to show the weak side of them, so they’ll go to the doctors secretly. But if the medicine they have doesn’t work, they will go see another doctor. The Gold PPO plan allows users to choose doctors, and also has better coverage for medicines. It suits them the best.

If no one points it out, Capricorns probably won’t realize they are sick. They always concentrate on what they’re doing at the moment. Unless it has affected their work performance, they won’t stop what they’re doing to see a doctor. The Bronze PPO plan doesn’t require a referral to see a specialist, and the lower monthly premium might fit the bill.

Taurus / Virgo / Sagittarius: HMO

The strong and powerful Taurus isn’t fazed by the little aches and pains. If they get really sick, it’s probably because they’ve been ignoring the problems in their bodies. The Silver HMO plan has a reasonable price, and a primary care physician. Since Taurus aren’t afraid of getting injections and taking medicine, the Silver HMO might be good for them.

Nothing can affect a Virgo’s orderly life. If they are sick, they will want to figure everything out, and then follow the doctor’s instructions. This means that they will need a primary care physician that is very familiar with them to make a “recovery plan”. The Gold HMO plan might be the best choice for them.

Getting sick doesn’t seem to matter to Sagittarius. Life still goes on. They won’t stop living in the present. Have to see a doctor? No problem! They’ll just follow what the doctor says. It doesn’t mean that they are submissive; they are just too lazy to think about it! They should just go with the Silver HMO plan and let the doctor worry about everything.

Gemini / Libra / Aquarius: Bronze Plan

Geminis are very street-smart so they use their past experience, see how others deal with the problem, and just buy whatever they think they need to cure themselves. Because they don’t go to the doctors, the best health insurance plan for them is the least expensive one, which is the Bronze plan.

Libras always believe that they are healthy and don’t need a doctor. If they feel ill, they will just get medicine from the pharmacy and sleep it off. The immunity will fight everything. Because of that, the cheapest Bronze plan fits the best.

Aquarius could care less about their body. They aren’t afraid of getting sick; they might even take it as a challenge. They never go to the doctors. The only time they would go would be when they get into some kind of accident and get injured! Although the Bronze plan is cheap, it covers casualties. So don’t be penny wise and pound foolish!

Cancer / Leo / Pisces: Kaiser Permanente

Cancers love having conversations with their doctors about all kinds of things—asking about symptoms of illnesses, treatment methods, post-treatment behavior, and even all their family members’ medical conditions. Kaiser is perfect for Cancers because at Kaiser, they have an electronic medical record system that contains medical records of their patients, test results, and medication history. They provide services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. This can answer all the Cancers’ questions and satisfy all their needs.

Leos are very headstrong and are not afraid to spend money. They don’t mind how much money they spend as long as they are treated by the best doctors and receive the best medication. Kaiser has been ranked highest in quality care for eight years in a row. Their hospital rooms are equipped with the finest medical equipment. This can definitely fulfill the needs of a Leo’s high standards.

Pisces may be a bit dramatic in the sense that once they get a little sick, they worry if their sickness is serious. They are desperate to see a doctor and do all kinds of check-ups, which can easily bring their mood down. Kaiser performs all kinds of services including getting tested, medicated or even getting surgery ALL done in their general hospital. Kaiser condenses all of the Pisces’ worries into one, making it convenient for them to do everything they need in just one place!

When choosing a health insurance plan, the most important things are the medical services you need and how much you are willing to spend. You can talk to insurance agents and listen to all their suggestions to see which health insurance plan is most suitable for you. KCAL Insurance has certified Covered California agents who provide free service in helping you understand the various health insurance plans. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns!


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