Since the first part was published, we have received many comments from our coworkers. Here, we sorted out their personal stories that might be useful for those who just got their driver’s license.

You Can Be Fined for Driving Too Slow

In the U.S., they use “miles per hour (MPH)” as the measurement of speed. 1 mile is approximately equal to 1.6 kilometers. So if you used to drive in Taiwan or China, you probably get very confused when you drive here. When I first got here, I was so scared to change lanes on the freeway because everyone was driving SO FAST! So I always missed my exit…

Going with the speed and flow of the traffic might help you out, otherwise you may be pulled over and get ticketed for driving too slow. That is a very embarrassing reason to get a ticket!

Back Seat Until 13 

Always calling “shotgun” like I did when I was a kid? We all know the views are always nicer up there. However, studies have shown that the co-pilot seat is the most dangerous seat in the car. In the U.S., all children ages 12 and under must sit in the back seat.  Infants and children should be in child safety seats or booster seats. If your children are not buckled properly, you will face fines higher than those for adults.

California Traffic Law prohibits leaving children under the age of 12 alone in the car UNLESS they are supervised by someone at least 12 years old. If you are caught or reported, you will be fined $100. You may even be accused of abusing children and be sent to the jail!

Can I Park Here? Look at the Signs! 

The parking rule in the U.S. is quite complicated. Each street has different time limits for parking. Sometimes, you need a permit to park in certain areas. Parking in the wrong place and time can cost you a lot too! So pay more attention to the signs before you park!

You Need a Permit for Handicapped Parking

Just 5 minutes? No! You cannot park in handicapped parking if you don’t have a permit! If you get a ticket, you will understand how expensive it is to park in the wrong spot. Some drivers think it is okay to have a fake permit, but in reality, it is not okay! Don’t risk it.  Police officers may find it suspicious and approach you if you’re parking in the handicapped spot when you shouldn’t be.

3 Feet For Safety

Beginning September 16, 2014, drivers must maintain at least 3 feet of space when passing a bicyclist in the same direction or you will be fined $35. If a collision causes injuries to the bicyclist, you will be fined $220!

There Are Laws for Bicyclists Too

In the U.S., there are restrictions for biking on the street as well. For example, in California, before you hit the road, make sure your bicycle is equipped with a brake, a headlight and reflectors to make you visible in traffic. When riding in the dark, aside for the headlight, you must have a white or yellow reflector on each pedal, your shoes or your ankles. You have to reflectorize the front and back tires, too.