Those college years pass by fast, don’t they? I was once in that position! I spent four years at a UC, graduated, moved back home, got a job, and of course, I still have my fun every now and then.

After graduation, the whole becoming an adult process happens—or as we in our twenties like to call it, “adulting”: paying the bills, getting a job, doing your taxes; and of course, we need health insurance.

I know many of you might not be giving a second (or even a first) thought about health insurance, so that’s why I’m here to give you a few tips. It’ll be short, sweet, and simple—coming from a fellow recent undergrad, I know how you feel!

Still in school? What’s your health insurance status?

As a graduate from a UC school, I have experienced using their health insurance. All UC’s require all registered graduate and undergraduate students to have health insurance coverage. As a result, all students are automatically enrolled in the university sponsored student health insurance plan (UC SHIP) and charged a health insurance fee as a part of registration.

I was on the school’s insurance for my first three years and waived it on my last year. The reason was that I got enrolled in my parents’ insurance plan, which cost less than the school’s insurance plan.

Remember, under the current law, you can stay on your parents’ plan until  the age of 26 and you have the option of waiving UC SHIP as long as you have other ACA compliant health insurance coverage that meets the UC approved waiver criteria.

The waiver is effective for the entire academic year, so once you’ve submitted your waiver, you’re good to go for that academic year. There are deadlines for submitting these waivers so please pay close attention! These dates are different depending on your school and can be found on your school website.

Graduating? What are your options?
  • Can I keep my school health insurance after I graduate? You can, but you may only use this plan for one additional quarter immediately following your last registered quarter. That’s about 2-3 months. Remember to apply for this extension plan 30 days before your current plan expires.
  • Congratulations on the new job! You can talk to your employer about insurance options and eligibility.
  • 26 or younger? If your parents have insurance plan and you’re under 26, staying on or joining your parents’ plan is another option.
  • Get an individual health insurance on your own! Within 60 days your school health insurance expires, a special enrollment period is set, and you can apply for Covered California or other state exchange.
Final Reminders and Tips:
  • Find the plan that is most suitable for you and best meets your medical needs! If your family is under an HMO plan and you are living and working in another state, you may need to have your own insurance plan. You are only covered across the country through a PPO plan.
  • If you’re currently covered by your school health insurance, make sure to check your coverage period, especially when you need to waive or extend it. Pay attention to deadlines and take action ASAP!

Maybe this was all a bit more overwhelming than you expected… If it was, no worries! If you would like more clarification or have any questions, please feel free to contact us at KCAL Insurance Agency. Call 626-333-1111 to talk to a certified agent directly or chat with us online! Wishing you the best in your future endeavors, from one fellow post-grad to another!