According to California state law, a written, effective Injury and Illness Prevention Program (IIPP) is required for every California employer. Companies that fail to have a safety and prevention plan, or lack employee safety training are likely to face high penalties from the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA). Having a safety management system can not only protect employees’ health and their lives, but they can also help save on workers’ compensation premiums.

Case study: In Santa Clara, California, in the year of 2015, a mechanic working at a park’s roller coaster went to pick up his phone in a restricted area and was hit by a train. OSHA fined the park for $70,200 because they did not have any safety protocol nor did they properly train workers.

OSHA provides many free resources and instructions on safety management. Business owners can use the OSHA website and get a safety and quality control manager to help you out with workplace safety inspections. Employers can also create safety checklists to help identify potential risks of work injuries and provide employees safety training. In the unfortunate event of a work injury, OSHA has specific instructions on recording and reporting the injury so go on the OSHA website for more information.

Click here for the general CAL/OSHA inspection factsheet for most employers

Workers’ compensation insurers also provide loss control inspection. If you participate in safety training programs held by insurance companies, you have the chance to get discounts and lower premiums on workers’ compensation. Likewise, if your company faces work injury claims, then your premiums will increase like no other!