To make sure everyone has access to a healthy life, Obamacare covers many preventive care services. These include maternal care, mental health, children’s vision and dental care, programs to help quit smoking, and many more. People who have health insurance should make good use of these benefits!


Ambulatory Patient Services

This is the care you receive without being admitted to a hospital, such as the doctor’s office, clinic, or same-day “outpatient” surgery center. Home health services and hospice care are also included.


Emergency Services

This is care you receive for situations that could lead to serious disability or death if not immediately treated (accidents or sudden illness) typically involving ambulance trips to the ER. There is no penalty for going out-of-network or for not having prior authorization.



This is care you receive in the hospital as a patient from doctors, nurses, other hospital staff, laboratory tests, or medication during your hospital stay. Hospitalization coverage also includes surgeries, transplants, and nursing facilities that specialize in elderly care.


Maternity and Newborn Care

This is care that women receive during pregnancy (prenatal care), throughout labor, delivery and post-delivery, and care for newborn babies.


Mental Health and Substance Abuse Service

This is inpatient and outpatient care to help evaluate, diagnose, and treat a mental health condition or substance abuse disorder. This includes behavior health treatment, counseling, and psychotherapy. Some plans limit up to 20 days of coverage each year.


Prescription Drugs

Although not every drug may be covered by health insurance, at least one prescription drug must be covered for each category and classification of federally approved drugs (with limitations).


Rehabilitative and Habilitative Services and Devices

This is to help you gain or recover mental and physical skills lost to injury, disability or a chronic condition. 30 visits for physical or occupational therapy, or chiropractor, 30 visits to speech therapy, and 30 visits to cardiac or pulmonary rehab each year must be provided.


Laboratory Services

These tests help doctors diagnose an injury, illness or condition, or to monitor the effectiveness of a particular treatment. Some preventive screenings are free. Depending on your plan, some might require a copay or coinsurance.


Wellness Services and Chronic Disease Management

This type of care includes counseling, preventing care designed to prevent or detect certain medical conditions and to provide care for chronic conditions. Obamacare offers up to 50 free preventive care services.


Pediatric Services

This is care provided to infants and children including well-child visits and recommended vaccines and immunizations. Dental and vision care must be offered to children younger than 19. This consists of two routine dental exams, an eye exam, and corrective lenses each year.