newbornThere are so many different kinds of insurance to get when a new baby is born. When it comes to health insurance specifically, there seems to be lot of myths and unanswered questions regarding health insurance for newborns! Can a mother’s health insurance cover their newborn baby? Are all the health check-ups and vaccines for newborns covered by insurance? What kind of information and documents do I need when purchasing health insurance for my newborn? Here we answer all your questions in terms of newborns and health insurance!

To start off, make sure to contact a health insurance expert and apply for health insurance for your newborn within 60 days of the baby’s date of birth so that you don’t miss the special enrollment windowTheir birth certificate is required to apply for health insurance. There are different required documents depending on the insurance company you choose. For example, some parents will be required to provide their driver’s license and proof of residency (i.e., electricity and/or water bills).

If you apply for health insurance more than 60 days after the baby’s date of birth, then the baby is technically unable to apply for health insurance and has to wait until Covered California’s 2019 open enrollment period (which is from October 15, 2018 to January 15, 2019) to enroll in health insurance.

The cost of seeking medical care and getting vaccinated for newborns can easily reach thousands of dollars a month! However, if you apply for insurance in time and get covered by insurance, then the premium would cost only about $200 a month. All vaccines for children that are recommended by the government will be free of charge.

If the parents successfully apply for health insurance for their newborn within 60 days of the baby’s date of birth, the effective date of the baby’s policy can be backdated to the date of birth. This means that as long as the medical expenses are covered by the insurance and are within the network, you can get reimbursed. Just remember to keep all your statements and receipts!

Some mothers have health insurance that cover newborn care, but keep in mind that most insurance will not cover for more than 30 days. Some insurance companies also need to have prior notice to allow the mother’s health insurance to extend over to the newborn.

In addition, vision and dental insurance are included for health insurance for children under the age of 19. Parents will not need to purchase additional dental and vision insurance for their children.