In this kind of hot weather, it literally feels like you’re at a sauna when you’re walking into your car. Research from the University of San Francisco showed that after a car was parked outside for 30 minutes in 90F weather, the inside of the car was so heated up that it jumped up to 124F. In these high temperatures, typical harmless, daily life products can become dangerous, life-threatening substances. In this hot weather, check if you have these following products in your car and take them out of your car immediately!!

Canned carbonated drinks are like bombs… under high temperature and when vigorously shaken, the can can easily pop and explode.  The buildup of pressure with the contribution of heat is what makes the can explode.

Canned air freshener has many chemicals. Since it’s closed, the car’s constant moving can produce more chemicals. The metal can can blow up from the heat and pressure.

Many car air fresheners are made from chemicals and alcohol. Under high temperatures, huge amounts of benzene compounds are released. When inhaled, you are more prone to dizziness, cough, and even a higher risk of cancer.

When the temperature inside the lighter is high, the lighter liquid that contains butane expands. Many cheaper, plastic shells of a lighter can’t hold the pressure of gas expansion, making it more likely to explode. When the fabric of the car interior makes contact with the lighter fluid, a spontaneous combustion can occur.

At certain angles, the sun can pierce through the lenses. Heat can morph the shape of the frames and lenses of your glasses and cause them to melt.

It seems pretty ordinary to store CDs in your car right? That’s how we listen to music! However under a certain temperature, CDs can be really harmful to our health. CDs are mostly made from polycarbonate plastic which can easily change shape and melt if left in the heat. Polycarbonate contains bisphenol A and diphenyl carbonate, so when it reaches 140F, it can spread into the air and is very harmful when inhaled.

Batteries produce gas inside. Once it’s exposed to high temperatures, gas inside the battery expands. This can lead to anything from a dead battery to battery deformation to explosion. Harmful acid can leak out of the battery and cause respiratory, eye and skin irritation. Based on a Facebook user’s experience, they left their DSLR camera lens and memory card in the car and later found out that it had become deformed and unusable.

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