Out of the entire U.S. population, about half of them use their employer provided company health insurance, which is one of the many work benefits at a company. Some companies only cover a certain percentage of the medical fees while others may provide full coverage for their employees’ health insurance. The best kind of coverage is when dental, vision, and life insurance are all covered. Good benefits, comprehensive coverage, and low premiums… Who wouldn’t want that?

After using your company’s health insurance for so long, do you know everything that’s covered? To help you out a little, we found some hidden benefits in a couple health insurance plans! Read more to find out what you could be missing out on!

Acupuncture and Chiropractic Benefits

Many employees who work in an office often deal with neck pain and other posture issues. Did you know that your company health insurance might include acupuncture or chiropractic treatment? Without insurance, an acupuncture visit could cost around $60. Through your company’s health insurance, you can make up to 12 visits a year just by paying a small copay. If this benefit is not a part of your plan, you don’t have to worry! You could just pay an additional $2-$3 to add the acupuncture and chiropractic benefits to your plan.

KCAL would like to remind you that not all plans have the same benefits, and that Chinese medicine treatment benefits vary among companies. Make sure to let your insurance company know exactly what kind of treatment you need and would like to be covered for such as acupuncture, chiropractic, cupping, moxibustion, and more. Confirm how many visits you can make within a year and how many times you can use this treatment during a term. Make sure to check if your doctor is contracted in your medical network to avoid paying out-of-pocket expenses.

Discounts to Disneyland, LEGOLAND, SeaWorld, Universal Studios, AMC, and More?!

A certain health plan from an insurance company called CoPower, which specializes in providing companies with a three-in-one insurance plan for dental, vision, and life, offers a wide range of discounts to various places. Contact KCAL for more information!

CoPower also has a “Benefit Hub” for all its employees where they can log on to the website copower.benefithub.com to get all kinds of discounts for food, clothing, hotels, and more. The best part about this is the discounts you can get for theme parks! You could get up to 56% off at SeaWorld, up to $19 off Disneyland tickets, up to $34 off Universal Studios tickets, and so much more! See if your company offers CoPower’s three-in-one plan!

Gym Membership Discounts

Insurance companies encourage a healthy and active lifestyle for their policyholders and want to provide the opportunity for families to stay healthy. Many companies have fitness programs available for members. Shown below are a few of the most commonly used medical plans and the fitness programs available for the insured.

Under this insurance company, if you want to go to 24 Hour Fitness, you’ll be able to go at least 12 times a month, receiving $20 off per month, and at most up to $240 cash back, directly back to your bank account.

This health insurance company has partnered up with Active & Fit Direct, a gym membership program that allows policyholders to choose from more than 9,000 fitness centers nationwide, with a membership fee of only $25 a month. Gold’s Gym, LA Fitness, and other small and mid-sized gyms are included in the program.

In addition to the Active & Fit Direct program, Blue Cross is also partners with a company known as GlobalFit, which also has discounts on thousands of fitness centers. For example, the original cost for a Pilates class is $199 for 8 lessons a month, but through GlobalFit, it only costs $116 for 8 lessons a month. The only downside is that you would have to pay $25 as a first time registration fee, but if you really calculate it, you end up saving a lot of money!

These three insurance companies mentioned above are just several examples. Take a look at your group health insurance company’s website and check out what kind of fitness program discounts they offer! You will need your insurance card number to register online. It’ll be worth your while to find out what hidden benefits you might have! It doesn’t hurt to try, because who knows? You might end up saving a lot of money!

Discounts on Medication, Vitamins and Supplements

Just like the gym membership discounts, you can log on to your account on your health insurance company’s website to see what kind of discounts are offered. Anthem Blue Cross has several coupons for OTC medication, or other discounts and coupons at LifeMart, or even discounted vitamins and supplements at Puritan Pride.

Healthy and happy employees are the company’s greatest assets. Whether it’s a large or small business, companies always hope to find the plans that provide the best benefits for their employees. If you are an employer, HR manager, or a key contact person in your company’s group health insurance, take a look at the following news for some exciting news!

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