What are some things you should know before buying your home insurance? What can you do to make sure that you get the most comprehensive coverage at the best price? What should you watch out for so that you don’t get tricked by other agents?

These following five questions will guide you in the right direction so that not only will you get the coverage you need, but so that you will also not end up paying more than necessary!


1) Who will be living at the house?

Will you be living at the house or will you be subleasing your place to someone else? If so, how many people are you subletting your place to? Is it to one person or to multiple people? Do you have any pets? Are you trying to run or operate a business from home? At the end of the day, it’s important to know as much information as possible about the homeowners so that your agents can find the right home insurance policy for you.

2) What’s your home insurance history?

If you have purchased home insurance before, it is recommended to provide that policy as well as any claims you have made in the past. If you are paying mortgage for your house, it is important to clarify with the loan company what the requirements are before purchasing your home insurance.

3) How much do you know about your home?

There are some details about your home that you can provide to your insurance agent so that they can provide the best policy coverage for you.

There are some things that you probably wouldn’t even have thought of! For example, the cost of any home renovations, the year you renovated the house, the most recent roof repair or installation, whether or not your house has a garage or a swimming pool, or many other miscellaneous details. There are also some details about the interior of the house such as the measurements of the house, the number of bathrooms or toilets, whether there is a fireplace or not, and so much more. Providing as many details as you can about your home can help your insurance agents accurately estimate the reconstruction value of your home.

If for any reason you are unable to provide all the details, then don’t worry too much! Experienced agents will use the property assessment information system website to find more information about your property.

4) Did you ever remodel your home?

Have you ever spent a huge sum of money on remodeling or renovations? Whether it’s replacing your roof or air conditioning, or even remodeling your basement, all these factors can alter the reconstruction value of your house. Updating your agent with these changes regularly will ensure sufficient coverage on your policy in case of any emergencies and/or catastrophic disasters.

5) Do you want to install a security system for your home?

If you would like to protect your home by installing smoke detectors, fire sprinklers, or even ADT alarm systems that automatically and directly notifies the fire station when it goes off, it’s important to let your insurance agent know. You might qualify for discounts!

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