A series of new bills were passed in California at the end of last year. Assembly Bill 1732 states that “beginning March 1, 2017, all single-use toilet facilities in any business establishment, place of public accommodation or government agency must be identified as ‘all-gender’ toilet facilities.”

So if your office has a single-use toilet facility, it’s time to update your sign! The sign must indicate that the restroom is all-gender, unisex, or a restroom without any reference to gender. Make sure your sign is compliant with the law!


AB1732 Single-User Restroom

Identifying All-Gender Single-User Toilet Facilities Compliant with the California Building Code

(Source: California Legislative Information, Division of the State Architect)

If you are concerned about your business, wondering if the law is applicable to you, would like confirmation that your sign complies with the law, or have any other questions regarding all-gender restrooms, contact the local enforcement agency or get legal advice.