California’s labor laws for 2017 have come into effect! For those bosses out there, we know the troubles you might be dealing with. The two biggest changes you might be concerned about as a boss probably include minimum wage and paid sick leave. Not only because the amount changes every year, but also because there are different regulations for different cities and companies.

With that being said, employers will need to check their employee salaries and update the employee handbook with the latest wage regulations so they do not get penalized. Expert labor law lawyers emphasize that employers who have businesses at various locations should check that they comply with the requirements and regulations of each city because each city has different regulations.

Minimum Wage

Starting from January 1, 2017, the minimum wage for a company with more than 26 employees will be $10.50. A company with less than 25 employees will stay at $10, but in January 1, 2018, it will raise to $10.50.

Starting on January 7, 2017, the minimum wage for companies with more than 26 employees will be $12 for cities in Los Angeles and Los Angeles County such as Rowland Heights and Hacienda Heights. (Download Los Angeles County’s and other city’s minimum wage notice)

Paid Sick Leave

Another provision going into effect is the number of days an employee receives from paid sick leave, which is also different in each city. For example, in Santa Monica, employees who work at companies with more than 26 employees have 9 days of paid sick leave each year. Los Angeles, San Diego, and many other cities also have new regulations for paid sick leave. To avoid getting fined, employers need to become familiar with and understand their city’s laws and regulations.

2017 Labor Law Poster

According to the California Labor Code, all companies are required to post labor law posters in noticeable, clear, and obvious locations. Failure to do so can result in fines up to $17,000. At KCAL Insurance Agency, we have the latest 2017 Labor Law Poster, free of charge for all businesses in California (available upon request).

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