This year’s first of four KCAL Insurance Agency Business Owner Seminars was held at the San Gabriel Hilton Ballroom on the afternoon of February 16th. The beginning of 2017 created a lot of talk around the new changes to the laws, such as hiring foreign workers, labor law updates, corporate tax, and many more. There were presentations from representatives of the Department of Labor (DOL), Division of Labor Standards Enforcement (DLSE), Internal Revenue Service (IRS), Employment Development Department (EDD), and more. In addition, there were also lawyers, experts of law, accountants, and insurance experts. The seminar attracted more than 400 business owners and senior executives in attendance.

Ever since the new government came to power, the immigration policy has tightened and those who hire OPT/H1-B employees will have to deal with some changes to their identity verification system. The USCIS focused on the I-9 forms and E-Verify. The IRS provided tax tips for entrepreneurs operating a business. The EDD introduced E-File, E-Pay mandate and unemployment benefits in terms of payroll taxes. Our very own KCAL Insurance group health and commercial insurance experts discussed topics on Form 1094, Form 1095, and cyber liability.


In the second half of the seminar, representatives from the Federal and Los Angeles County Department of Labor discussed the federal minimum wage, overtime pay, paid sick leave, and county minimum wage ordinance. Afterwards, Lawyer William Lai from Chang & Cote LLP law firm mentioned that each city’s paid sick leave laws may be different based on the company’s location. He presented business owners with ways on improving their personnel file and HR system management. Furthermore, he introduced labor dispute case studies, discussed the latest 2017 labor law updates, and provided employers with strategies on how to protect themselves.

Many business owners and executives willingly asked questions, took notes, and took advantage of the opportunity for expert advice—interacting with many of the experts that were present at the seminar and hoping to get their questions answered and worries addressed.

KCAL Insurance Agency has hosted this business owner seminar for many years—and this year, there were more representatives than ever before, including the IRS, USCIS, DOL, DLSE, EDD, and more! Owning a business in the U.S. is not easy, and it’s always to your advantage to stay updated with the latest laws.

The first seminar had a great response, attracting over 400 business owners. For those who missed it, there is still an opportunity to attend! There will be three more seminars held in Irvine, Ontario, and Hacienda Heights. Since the seminar discusses sensitive topics and content involving lawsuits, labor disputes and others, it is only open to business owners and executives.