Prom season is in May and that means it’s coming up! KCAL Insurance Agency teamed up with the Industry Sheriff Station’s Youth Activities League (YAL) for a “Dress Shopping Day.” New, lightly worn dresses, shoes, and more were collected to help underprivileged students from low-income families attend prom. On April 14, many young ladies attended this event—trying on and choosing the perfect prom dress to take home!

One of the event’s sponsors, KCAL Insurance Agency’s Chief Strategy Officer, Angela Chang, who is also a member of YAL, mentioned how many low-income families can’t afford a $100 dress, so they have no choice but to not attend. She adds that many of the residents in our community probably have dresses they’ve only worn once and never touch again. KCAL Insurance Agency President, Kenny Chang, adds that he didn’t think that they were able to collect thousands of dresses, high heels, jewelry, bags and purses, and more within just three weeks. Some people even had their dresses dry cleaned before they donated them!

Mayor pro tem of City of Industry, Cory Moss, personally helped the students choose shoes—finding the right size and helping out however she could. She states that there are some students who come from foster care or some who don’t even have a home. Many students are in need of a caring and loving community.

Youth Activities League President, Charlie Klinakis, mentions that YAL has organized many sports programs and activities for students in struggling families and households, bringing them back on track by pulling them away from gang crimes and pushing them and motivating them to achieve higher goals. Some students even got accepted into Ivy League schools and won Grammy Awards! He was touched at how helpful the Dress Shopping Day event was to students, and it felt really great knowing that it could really help students attend prom, and even make their dreams come true!