On the morning of Thursday, September 21, KCAL Insurance teamed up with the well-known, five-star rated Kaiser Permanente, and invited individuals from the Chinese community, local officials, community leaders, various media, and local businesses to visit Kaiser’s Baldwin Park Medical Center.

The tour showcased Kaiser’s most advanced medical technology, its beautiful environment, and its special attention and care to the Chinese community. They are five-star rated for a reason! A tour bus of 60 individuals traveled from KCAL Insurance Agency Headquarters to Kaiser’s Baldwin Park Medical Center.

The medical center was established in 1998 and spans 23.7 acres, consisting of 272 hospital beds, a 24/7 pharmacy, emergency room, emergency care center, and doctors specializing in cardiovascular neuropathy, cancer, maternity, cancer, pediatrics, and more, serving more than 280,000 members.

Kaiser pays special attention to the Chinese community, consisting of more than 45 Chinese speaking physicians and 75 Chinese speaking nurses. There are a number of medical centers in San Gabriel Valley including Baldwin Park, Diamond Bar, West Covina, Montebello, San Dimas, Chino, Ontario and Irvine and Anaheim in Orange County.

Kaiser has nearly 10 million members in the United States and is the only institution in California that offers both health insurance and comprehensive health care.

Doctor visits, examinations, medication, surgery, can all be completed in a Kaiser hospital. How convenient is that?! Basic care, emergency care, inpatient/outpatient care, first aid, and more than 40 specialist services including cancer care programs, maternity care, child health care, cardiovascular neuropathy, bone marrow transplants, mammograms, and more can be done all in one place.

Community resident Miss Su stated that Kaiser’s Baldwin Park Medical Center’s architectural design was very stylish and modern, and its five stars are well deserved. Its high tech virtual care allows patients to receive care from their own home. It’s very convenient in the sense where it not only saves time but saves on outpatient costs as well.

President of KCAL Insurance Kenny Chang states that Kaiser’s one-stop shop is very similar to the medical style the Chinese community is used to. He reminds the community to take advantage of the upcoming open enrollment period that begins in November, consult a Covered California certified health insurance agent to help you compare plans, benefits, and prices, and take action as soon as possible!