Throughout March 2018, KCAL Insurance Agency successfully hosted their “2018 Seminar for Business Owners” series which consisted of four seminars in Ontario, San Gabriel, Irvine, and Hacienda Heights, attracting over 1,000 business owners, HR managers, Accounting managers, and senior executives. We were honored to have representatives from the White House Initiative on Asian American and Pacific Islanders (WHIAAPI), United States Department of Homeland Security (which consists of the TSA, CBP, USCIS), United States Department of Labor, United States Department of State, FBI, IRS, Offices of San Bernardino County, Offices of Los Angeles County, and many more, attend and share their insight as guest speakers at our seminar.

Ever since the new administration, we have seen mass confusion about policies involving tax reforms, immigration policy reinforcement, and many more. With recent ICE workplace raids, many employers are wary about the effect it may have on their businesses and what it may do to their employees. At the start of 2018, many new labor laws and tax laws have also come into effect. What impact will these changes have on business owners, and how do we handle them?

To confront this issue and to help business owners, especially Chinese American employers, better understand the new laws and build a safer and more successful business facing the new challenges of today’s business environment, KCAL Insurance Agency invited many government authorities and many other significant field pioneers to cover a wide variety of topics including but not limited to Frequent Compliance Issues in the Asian Business Community, Form I-9 and E-Verify Compliance Updates, Anti-Dumping Orders and Intellectual Property Rights, Corporate and Business Tax Updates, New 2018 Employment Laws and What Every Employer Should Be Aware Of, Updates in the Group Health Insurance Markets, and Five Main Reasons Employees Sue and How You Can Protect Your Company.

Free consultations with lawyers were available at the seminar, and there was also time for attendees to discuss their conflicts with these guest speakers, and they also had the opportunity to ask questions. Free labor law posters were also given out to each attendee.

At our Ontario seminar, Supervisor Curt Hagman, Fourth District Supervisor of San Bernardino County shared some insight on the latest development plans and economic investment in Ontario Airport and the San Bernardino County. Kay Ko, Community Outreach Specialist from the Office of Public and Congressional Affairs, Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shared her experience growing up in the United States, achieving the American Dream, while also providing entrepreneurship advice to business owners.

At our San Gabriel seminar, Dan Commiato, Assistant Federal Security Director from Inspections, Transportation Security Administration, informed business owners about helpful resources provided by the Department of Homeland Security.

The topic of EPLI was brought to attention by our very own KCAL Commercial Department Manager, Griffin Heung. She stressed the importance of having EPLI, as it protects businesses against employment-related claims such as wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and more, and provides the funds to settles these lawsuits.

John Nelson, CEO of Warner Pacific Insurance Services, gave a broad overview of the individual and small group health insurance markets, helping business owners stay on track with the latest trends.


Holly Ham, Executive Director of WHIAAPI, also attended our seminar in Irvine during her West Coast & Greet Tour. At her keynote speech, Holly not only acknowledged Asian business owners’ achievements, but also promised to bring our voice back to DC. She also stressed that the Asian population spans about 6% of the total American population, and with the increase of immigration to the United States, by 2050, the Asian population will grow to be about 50 million. Furthermore, there are over 2 million businesses owned by individuals of Asian background with the net growth exceeding 700 billion U.S. dollars, contributing more than half of the revenue from all minority firms. As part of a minority group, we should keep up the good work and continue to contribute to society.

Kenny Chang, President of KCAL Insurance Agency, concludes with these final remarks. “I’ve witnessed so many hardworking Asian business owners who have spent years building their business but struggled with lawsuits due to lack of information. That is the reason my company and I have been so dedicated to hosting these kinds of business owner seminars for the past ten years.”

With endless applause, the “2018 Seminar for Business Owners” came to a conclusion on March 22nd. KCAL appreciates your continued support, and looks forward to embarking on another journey with you again in the near future.

San Gabriel
Hacienda Heights