After the presidential election on November 8, many were concerned about the future of Obamacare. KCAL Insurance Agency was chosen by Covered California’s Executive Director, Peter Lee, to host Covered California’s Open Enrollment event on the morning of November 14. Those in attendance included KCAL president Kenny Chang, representatives of elected officials of the Asian community, and representatives of various health insurance companies. They were here to answer questions, address any concerns, and clarify what was going to happen to health insurance in 2017.

Peter Lee stated that regardless of what Trump will do as president, the government subsidies, plan benefits, and penalties will not change in 2017.  He also emphasized that although Trump constantly repeated that he wanted to repeal Obamacare, they must have a new and more effective law at hand to replace this law adding that, “You can’t repeal without replace.” This would be a lengthy process as well.

Kenny Chang mentioned that individuals in Southern California have many insurance carriers to choose from, which means that they have many opportunities to find plans with lower premiums. In addition, he reminded everyone that this is the time to buy health insurance and to treat it as first priority. Especially to those who have been denied of health insurance due to pre-existing conditions, in case anything does happen to Obamacare, now is the time to get covered. With only 8 weeks left before the end of Open Enrollment Period, KCAL Insurance Agency will continue to help people apply for the most suitable health insurance plans for their clients in hopes that people will take advantage of this Open Enrollment Period. To support this, KCAL has certified Covered CA agents working 7 days a week at 8 different branches across Southern California to answer any of your questions.

Kenny Chang appreciates the constant support of Covered California, health insurance companies, health care providers, and especially our KCAL customers.  Covered California has chosen KCAL Insurance Agency for four consecutive years as one of the best representatives of health care in the Chinese community.

Being able to hear Peter Lee’s thoughts along with the presence of Covered California and other major health insurance companies in the Chinese community has made many of our customers feel cared for and appreciated. Representatives of the health insurance companies have complimented KCAL Insurance Agency as one of the best partners to work with, commending them on their efforts in building bridges and expanding their services to the Chinese community as they improve the quality of their bilingual services as one of their most important goals in understanding the health needs of the Chinese community.