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洛縣最低時薪7月1日起調漲 勞工法海報請立刻更新


從2016年7月1日開始,洛杉磯縣(Los Angeles County)非城市地區如羅蘭崗(Rowland Heights)、哈仙達崗(Hacienda Heights)等地,最低時薪都將從10美元上漲到10.5美元,其他鄰近城市包括Los Angeles、Pasadena、Santa Monica也一同跟進。受新法規影響的雇主,除了重新檢核員工的薪資,還必須依法公告最新的薪資規範,以免受罰。

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KCAL Insurance agency is recruiting our summer interns! The KCAL Insurance Internship Program was established in 2006 to provide interested young members of the community with the opportunity to learn about working in the real business environment. This year the internship program will have a heavy emphasis on digital marketing. Students interested in social media management, online marketing and advertising are encouraged to apply.

A scholarship of $3,000.00 will be given to each intern upon the successful completion of the 8-week Internship program.

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懷孕員工權益修正案4月1日上路 儘快更新公司勞工法海報


最新修正的加州公平就業住房法案(Fair Employment and Housing Act, FEHA)從2016年4月1日起生效,對懷孕婦女員工權益增加了多項保護規定,雇主除了要搞懂新法規,還必須從本月起更新現有的勞工法海報,讓員工清楚他們的法律權益。

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